18 December 2014
The Government has requested the Hungarian National Bank to strengthen and reorganize the recently nationalized MKB Bank, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Thursday.
17 December 2014
Hungary, Serbia and China will sign the agreement on the modernisation of the Budapest-Belgrade railroad on Wednesday, thanks to which the transit route will be constructed, which allows the fastest transportation of Chinese goods form Greek harbours to Europe, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced at the Central Eastern Europe-China summit in Belgrade.
17 December 2014
By signing the agreement on the construction of the Budapest-Belgrade rail line, we have reached the most important milestone of the cooperation between the EU and China, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán underlined after the signing ceremony held on Wednesday in Belgrade.
9 December 2014
Hungary wishes not simply to observe, but to shape what is happening on Europe’s eastern borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared at the Summit of the Visegrád Four (V4) and the President of the Swiss Confederation on Tuesday in Bratislava (Slovakia).
8 December 2014
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will represent Hungary at a meeting of Prime Ministers of the Visegrad 4 and the Swiss Head of State in Bratislava, Slovakia.
5 December 2014
National sovereignty consists of energy, financial and trade independence, Prime Minister Orbán pointed out in Kossuth Radio’s morning interview, adding he regards Senator McCain’s recent claims as “extremist”. Viktor Orbán also noted Hungary’s national sovereignty is far more important than dealing with such statements.
3 December 2014
The prime ministers of Hungary and Serbia exchanged views on recent developments concerning Russia's decision to abandon plans for the South Stream gas pipeline.
28 November 2014
At the South Korean-Hungarian business forum held on Friday in Seoul, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán encouraged South Korean companies to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Hungarian economic strategy and to invest in Hungary.
27 November 2014
According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, with the new leadership elected for the coming five years, Europe has the chance to start a policy with which the continent may regain its competitiveness, economic growth and position in the world economy and become permanently successful again.
27 November 2014
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán started negotiations in South Korea on Thursday. On his first day he held talks with South Korean business leaders about potential investments in Hungary.

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  • Viktor Orbán, 51
  • Lawyer, graduated at Eötvös Loránd University and studied at Pembroke College, Oxford
  • Married to Anikó Lévai
  • They have five children: Ráhel, Gáspár, Sára, Róza, Flóra
  • Chairman of FIDESZ, vice-chairman of the European People's Party


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