24 April 2015
In an interview with public broadcaster Kossuth Rádió, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán summed up the 2016 budget in the following words: “Everyone can take a step forward’.
24 April 2015
At a conference entitled “Dialogue and Identity”, organised on the fourth anniversary of adoption of the Fundamental Law of Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared that enacting the Fundamental Law had been a historic undertaking and a necessity. According to the Prime Minister, the greatest difference between the text of the old, “value-neutral” constitution and the Fundamental Law is that the latter “asserts our constitutional identity”.
24 April 2015
The borders of Europe must be defended, and to this end, the European Union must also take policing and military action, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday in the radio programme Kossuth Rádió 180 minutes.
23 April 2015
At the emergency summit of the EU Heads of State and Government convened for Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will argue for Member States to receive as much freedom in solving their own problems as possible.
22 April 2015
In an interview given to Miskolc Local Television broadcast at 6.30 pm on Tuesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán praised the distinguished past and promising future of Miskolc.
20 April 2015
Press Chief of the Prime Minister’s Office Bertalan Havasi told kormany.hu that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been informed that there will be an emergency EU summit in Brussels on Thursday, which of course he will attend.
17 April 2015
Press Chief of the Prime Minister’s Office Bertalan Havasi informed kormany.hu that on Friday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán invited Vice-President of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen to the Parliament for a working lunch.
16 April 2015
In a statement released on the Memorial Day for Hungarian Victims of the Holocaust, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Hungary’s goal is to continue to be a country of security and peace for all its citizens, in a world which is increasingly uncertain and conflict-ridden.
16 April 2015
In Lausanne on Thursday Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and President of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) Julio C. Maglione signed the agreement on Budapest hosting the 2017 World Aquatics Championships. The Prime Minister said that national unity behind the event is the true guarantee of success.
14 April 2015
In a live interview with Zalaegerszeg Television on Tuesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that in the modern world, if a settlement cannot be reached quickly, investors will not choose it as an investment location; this is why a dual-carriageway link to Zalaegerszeg must be provided with government support.

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  • Viktor Orbán, 51
  • Lawyer, graduated at Eötvös Loránd University and studied at Pembroke College, Oxford
  • Married to Anikó Lévai
  • They have five children: Ráhel, Gáspár, Sára, Róza, Flóra
  • Chairman of FIDESZ, vice-chairman of the European People's Party


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