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We have achieved a crucial victory

The Prime Minister and President of Fidesz, began his address with these two words: “We won.” He said that the high turnout had dispelled all doubts.

Mr. Orbán declared that “I can tell you that tonight we have emerged from a great battle and we have achieved a crucial victory: we have been given – and we have created – the opportunity to defend Hungary.”

He stressed that “our country, Hungary, is not yet where we would like it to be; but it has set out on the path it has chosen for itself. Together we shall follow this path.”

The Prime Minister thanked voters – and particularly those who voted for Fidesz-KDNP – for having stood by them in recent years.

He also thanked Hungarians beyond the borders who have “helped to defend the motherland”, as well as Jarosław Kaczyński, President of the Poland’s governing party Law and Justice (PiS) and Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki for their support.

Mr. Orbán expressed his thanks and gratitude to Fidesz volunteers and activists for their work, to those who “prayed for us and for me”, and to his wife, Anikó Lévai.

In conclusion Mr. Orbán said “Thank you for all this. Soli Deo gloria!” Leading Fidesz and KDNP politicians then sang the “Kossuth Song” and the Hungarian national anthem with the crowd which had gathered outside the Bálna event centre.

The Prime Minister bade farewell with his customary exclamation: “Go for it Hungary, go for it Hungarians!”