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British and Irish Prime Ministers congratulate Viktor Orbán

Theresa May called Hungary an important partner of the United Kingdom and expressed her firm belief that relations between the two countries are getting increasingly strong while they are working together on handling global challenges based on mutually professed values. In addition to the further development of bilateral relations, the British Prime Minister said it was also important for negotiations on the future system of relations between the Untied Kingdom and the European Union to move forward at an appropriate pace.

“We are striving for the widest and deepest possible economic partnership”, Theresa May underlined, assuring Viktor Orbán of her absolute commitment to European security, with relation to which she expressed her gratitude for Hungary, which, together with other friends and allies, stood up in support of the United Kingdom following the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, in addition to deciding to expel a Russian diplomat.

In his letter of congratulation on Mr. Orbán’s election victory, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar highlighted the fact that during his visit to Budapest he and the Hungarian Prime Minister had already discussed the most important challenges of the upcoming period, including the new EU budget, Brexit and issues relating to the Western Balkans. Mr. Varadkar expressed his openness to working together with Prime Minister Orbán to handle these topics, as well as other issues, based on common EU values. The Irish Prime Minister specifically thanked Mr. Orbán for the solidarity he has shown towards Ireland during the course of the Brexit negotiations.