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Government declared national day of mourning

According to the government decree published in Magyar Közlöny [Hungarian Gazette], on the national day of mourning, the flag of Hungary will have to be hoisted under ceremonial circumstances, with military honours, and will then have to be lowered to half-mast. A black flag of mourning will have to be displayed on specific public buildings, and the flag of Hungary and the European flag will have to be lowered to half-mast. In schools, a commemoration must be held within the framework of a normal class or a special student event.

The Government’s decree takes effect at 6.00 p.m. on Saturday.

Mr Havasi told the Hungarian news agency MTI in answer to its enquiry: Hungary’s flag will be hoisted at eight o’clock in the morning on Monday, and will then be lowered to half-mast at Kossuth tér in Budapest in the presence of President of the Republic János Áder and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.