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József Hámori was a genuine polyhistor of Hungarian culture

In his letter, Mr Orbán wrote that there are teachers in whose company one can almost absorb knowledge, and even the most complex scientific notions that we thought we would never be able to grasp become understandable within seconds. Professor Hámori was such a genuine polyhistor of Hungarian culture who not only knew everything about the functioning of the human brain, but also sought to teach us how and what to use our heads for, the Prime Minister wrote.

He added that as an authority of his field of research, Professor Hámori had the opportunity to teach in the world’s most renowned institutions, yet it never crossed his mind – accepting the jobs he had been offered – to stay abroad. “We are grateful that, in addition to his exceptional scientific career and work in education, he also managed to find the time to supervise the development of his beloved city’s university in the capacity of rector, and to serve his country as the first minister of the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage during the first civic government. Please accept my sincerest condolences and allow me to wish you much strength during this difficult period,” the Prime Minister wrote to the mourning family.