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Pharmacy workers deserve our gratitude and appreciation

In his message to pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, Mr Orbán recalled that the past few months had been challenging for us all. However, during the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, we also had the opportunity to learn that with discipline and unity, we can conquer the difficulties we are faced with.

On behalf of every citizen of Hungary, the Prime Minister expressed his appreciation for the exemplary work of pharmacy workers during the most difficult months of the epidemic. “It is common knowledge that sick people go to the pharmacy not only to redeem their prescriptions, but often also for information and guidance which has become especially important now when there is an abundance of fake news related to the virus on the worldwide web and anti-vaccination sentiment is running high,” Mr Orbán said.

In his message, the Prime Minister reassured pharmacy workers that the government is committed to keeping the population’s medicine supply within the sphere of national interests as well as to ensuring the professional and financial independence of pharmacists. “We will also make every effort to ensure that pharmacy services are available throughout the country, including to our compatriots living in small settlements,” Mr Orbán wrote in conclusion.