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We must protect Hungary’s national interests, in the next two days we will have to stand our ground in Brussels

He pointed out that we must avoid being dragged into a war conflict, we must say no to proposals that would result in an aerial war with Russia, we must prevent proposals that seek to extend the sanctions against Russia’s aggression to the energy sector, and that would put Hungary in a difficult, or perhaps even impossible situation.

The Prime Minister said there are only 11 days left until the elections which are not only important, but crucial for us all.

We must protect everything that Hungary has managed to achieve in the past 12 years. At times like this, one should concentrate on the elections with every single nerve fibre and second, but now he must nonetheless go to Brussels for two days because there will be NATO and EU summits, and there are proposals on the table against which the interests of Hungary must be protected, he said.

Campaign or no campaign, in the next two days we will have to stand our ground in Brussels, the Prime Minister stated.