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Armenian head of church thanked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

During these times that are difficult both for our people and our country, this is a great present for Christmas and the New Year, the Armenian patriarch wrote, expressing his sincerest appreciation for the “praiseworthy and valuable” Hungarian support provided for the Armenian nation.

“May the Lord, our God protect and preserve the people and officials of Hungary, and give them many happy and fruitful years,” Karekin II wrote concluding his message.

On 29 December, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó announced that during the late hours of the morning of that day an aircraft of the Hungarian Defence Forces had first landed in Baku, and later in Yerevan with Armenian nationals on board. “Thanks to the generosity of the Azeri party and the Hungarian Air Force, today five persons were able to return to their families in the spirit of the common values of humanity,” the Minister said at the time.